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Consultations Your uniqueness as an individual is imprinted in the picture taken of the heavens at the time of your birth. That picture is your natal chart or horoscope.

Sun sign astrology can address life from a generalized perspective. Your birth chart, however, is very specific about your life, dreams, hopes, relationships, career and avocation.

Anne views the horoscope as a manuscript for life. You have the leading role in your play. Life is about choices, the chart reveals the options and together we can look at the current scene in detail.

Making choices is easier when you understand your options better, and get to view how the scene could be played out.

Anne approaches readings from a practical, down-to-earth point of view – an exploration of her client’s options and a means of obtaining fresh insights.

Consultations are available both in-person and on the telephone as well as via mail. All sessions are taped.

The information needed is the date of birth and place of birth. The time of birth is valuable, however, a solar chart can be used when birth time is in question.